Our members visit the T100 project
Assembled bodies await  their respective frames.
The master builders from Sweden  assemble the body panels into finished bodies.
Jack and Bob prepare the camera for a whirlwind photographing session.
Car # 1 was completed at the end of November 2000
A view of the inside of the firewall of #1. The tag is a warning sticker about the car.
The front end of #1. Ford had their own camera crew on site the day that we visited
This is the frame and crankcase of car #3.  The crankcase proved to be one of the biggest challenges.
Here we see the front of #1, the side of #2, the rear of an original 1914, and #3 on the floor.
There are beautifully cast and machined parts everywhere in the shop. 
The feeling of being in a room full of brand new Model T's is indescribable
One of the blocks that Jack Putnam set up sits on the table with a few of the other parts ready for assembly.
Since Jack Putnam was doing the babbit work for the project, some of us had the chance to get an up front look at the New 1914's.
All of the thumbnails on this page go to large picture files.  Please be patient as they load.  Here's your chance to snoop around the shop.
Go inside the New Engine