May 2009
Bob Torbet, Pres; Bob Hollister, V-Pres.; Jack Putnam, Treas; Jim Cook, Sec/Ed
NEXT MEETING: May 6th 2009 7:30 at Jack Putnam's shop 1215 Hancock Rd 28; Bluffton (fourth house east of Anderson Tractor Supply), Phone (419) 358-6313
The April meeting, led by Bob Hollister, was held in Jack Putnam's shop with 15 members and guests in attendance.  Everyone introduced themselves with their name and the type of cars that they have. Bob Campbell was introduced as a new member.  The treasurer's report was given and accepted.  We talked about different touring possibilities for the summer

Marion Historical Society is running a pre-WWII meet in June.  It is a Friday-Saturday-Sunday event.  The registration is low when you look at all of the activities that they have lined up.  It sounds like a well planned adventure.

Our club is talking about a possible one day May 30th tour to Ottawa with the destination of a private collection and, of course, a meal at one of the fine eateries.

In Jamboree news, the Saturday coffee break and invitation to a small engine collection has been arranged, the merchandise prices have been requested, hotels have been contacted, camping spots have been obtained, Sunday activities have been set up, and routes have been established and tested.  We will need help with obtaining donations from a pre-existing list of previous donors.  There will be signs to put up the morning of or the day before the tours.  An ice cream person has been identified. I believe that Roosevelt has been contacted for historic relevance and photo opportunities.  Joe Bell will be at the May meeting to answer any questions about the Jamboree.

Remember that this club is dependent on its membership to make it work.  Everyone is invited and encouraged to input your thoughts and ideas to make this the best Model T club in Ohio.
                                                                                              Respectfully submitted,   
                                                                                             Jim Cook
Jamboree happenings
This is the picture that will be antiqued to go on a T-shirt for this year's tour.  It is a simple set of three Model T sedans standing in a field of dandelions.  It was chosen to remind us of simpler times when our automobiles spent much of their time off road.
The Friday afternoon activities will include a tour around Tiffin with tours set up for the Tiffin Glass Museum, Seneca County Museum, and the Ritz Theatre.  We're also considering setting up a tour to the McCutchenville Plank Road Inn.  This inn was located along the plank road that would eventually become State Route 53 between Tiffin and Upper Sandusky.  Planks were laid across the road to keep the traffic from sinking into the Great Black Swamp that covered much of Northwest Ohio.  Other tours for Friday will include the car collections of Frank Bugner and Wayne Coffman.  The ice cream social will be at Hedges Boyer Park on the eastern edge of the town and be the official kick off event of the Jamboree.