March 2007
Jim Cook, Pres/Ed; Bob Hollister, V-Pres.; Jack Putnam, Treas; Bob Torbet, Sec
NEXT MEETING: March 7th 2007 7:30 at Jack Putnam's shop 1215 Hancock Rd 28; Bluffton, (4th house east of Anderson Tractor Supply), Phone (419) 358-6313
The February 2007 meeting was called to order by President Jim Cook.  We had a good attendance for the meeting.  It was moved and voted on to keep the same slate of officers as was in office for the 2006 year.  That being agreed upon, we went right to the projects at hand.  Joe Bell brought in a bunch of transmissions for scavenging.  Gears were pulled and some shoes were borrowed from the heap of parts.  We also got a chance to look for cracks in the drums.

Dave Nolting had a magneto ring charger that he had acquired.  This thing was set up to use AC or DC voltage to charge the magnets on the flywheel.  We did not hook it up because the wiring looked somewhat frayed.  As it was, the antique looked to be a great invention of the Model T era.

We will try to get a list of events ready for the upcoming newsletters.  So far we have the Bluffton Festival of Wheels, 2nd Annual Backstreet Festival, 2007 All Ohio Model T Jamboree, and the Greenfield Village Old Car Festival at The Ford.

There is also an early Ford meet in Tiffin that I will try to tie in with one of our tours this summer.

Since I mentioned the Model T Jamboree, this year it is near Mount Vernon and is being run by the Tickin' T's of Central Ohio.  The 2008 Jamboree will be run by the Akron group.  That leaves 2009 open for the Northwest Ohio group to step up.  If we run a few 60 to 80 mile tours in the next couple of years, we will have a few good routes already set for that time at which we need them.

                                                                                Jim Cook, pres
Sedan Woodin'
One of the toughest wood projects for the Model T Ford is the Fordor.  The amount of wood required to fit around all of those doors makes the project a real joy.  On this particular project, the coachwork is well under way.

This is one of Bud's cars that should be ready for this summer's touring season.  A few of the members have had a hand in the project; so, I'd hope that we all get a ride in the Fordor when it is finished. 

I'm also hoping to get all of the
non-club members in the Tiffin areas to join us on the Tiffin-Fremont tour this summer.  This would be a great opportunity for us to all get to know one another.  There is also the possibility that we may get to expand our friend base and at the same time have a little fun.

I'll keep everyone posted on the progress of this Fordor. 

                    Stay tuned!
Charging Magnets the Old Way
Dave Nolting cleaned up this find for all to see.  This little beauty is an antique magnet charger from the Model T era. It was used to convert AC or DC voltage into a charge that be used to re-energize the magnetic charge in the horseshoe magnets on the flywheel of the Model T. As can be seen in the pictures, everything is well documented and labeled; so that, anyone could use this device.

If you could read and had any electrical understanding at all, you could charge the magnets in your own Model T.  I'm not really sure if this was intended for the lay person or for the Ford Garages of the time; but, I'd expect that it was intended for the everyday Joe.  The thing that would suggest this is the AC/DC option.  It woud seem that all Ford Garages would have AC voltage in their shop.  Whereas, many farms of the time were running on windmills or some type of charging battery.
Meeting Projects
We had quite a time salvaging parts off of a few scrap transmissions. The picture to the left shows us pulling gears.  Most of them come off rather easy once you get past the initial 1000 pounds of pressure to get them started.  From there Jack chccked for cracks using a handheld magniflux device.  Most of the drums had cracks somewhere. The real gems found on some of the drums were the steel shoes that protect the later drums from clutch disk ware.  I'll try to get better
pictures the next time that we have the old ones around.  I took three shots of worn oncs, new old stock, and the new ones to show the difference between the three.  Unfortunately, none of the pictures were sharp enough for the newsletter.
Upcoming All Ohio Model T Jamboree
The 19th Annual Ohio Model T Jamboree will be held August 31 - September 3, 2007.  The tour will run out of Mount Vernon, Ohio.  Mount Vernon is just south of Mansfield.

Packets will be sent out to all previous participants and all Model T clubs in the state.  Registration will once again be with Sue Cook, representing the:

Tickin' T's of Central Ohio
103 East Fourth Street
Sycamore, Ohio 44882
Painting the Tudor
These are some of the pictures that show the progress of Bill Lucius' Tudor.  The car will now go back to Bill's for a new interior and top.  This is the classic case of "get the car ready for a wedding".  There's nothing like a deadline to get a project going and on track. This one has a running chassis just waiting for the body to be mated to it.  This is another one of the Tiffin area cars that will be seen this summer.
If you look real close at the top picture, you will see Joe Bell's car in the corner.  Once again the painter has time for everyone's car, but his own.  Joe is getting for a Caribbean trip.  Bob Torbet is on his way to Florida.  And, I'm involved in three different theater productions right now.  There's hardly time for the Model T's.

Don't worry, we still have the 1916 out at least once every month during the winter.  The last time out, it was
sub twenties; and, Wallee was driving over to Franky Bogners house to see how he was doing on his 1913 touring.  Our 1916 started on the second pull on magneto power (no battery). Franky's 1913 wheels have been repainted and a new hood is on its way. 

We are wondering if the bulb horn on this car is correct.  The bell of the horn is to the top. Woundn't this cause water to accumulate in the bottom bend of the horn?