February 2006
Jim Cook, Pres/Ed; Bob Hollister, V-Pres.; Jack Putnam, Treas; Bob Torbet, Sec
NEXT MEETING: February 1st 2006 7:30 at Jack Putnam's shop 1215 Hancock Rd 28; Bluffton, (4th house east of Anderson Tractor Supply), Phone (419) 358-6313
The January meeting was attended by 12 members and 1 guest. Bob Hollister led the short business meeting. Jack reported on the checkbook balance. The club welcomes new members Joe Bell and Earl Peters.  They both are from the Tiffin area.  Joe has caught the Model T bug in a bad way.  He has been known to leave home with an empty trailer and return fully loaded with treasure.

In case anyone missed the news, Dave Sousley passed away as the result of snow shoveling stress.  We had just seen him at the meeting the prior week and were shocked to hear of the news.  It just goes to show how quickly this life can all end.  Dave's wife would like to do something with his Model T.  It has been sitting for quite a while; so, its condition is in question.  It may just be a parts car.

The membership voted to purchase the digital library from the MTFCI.  This library contains scanned copies of many Model T period publications that are out of print.  The library will be available at the next meeting for your viewing.

This was one of the busier business meetings of the year for making key decisions.  We voted on price of dues for the coming year of $20 per family, payment of the use of Jack's shop, club officers, and the digital library.

This year's officers are listed above.
The club is in need of some more folding chairs for the club meetings.  We have enough for the usual crowd; but, we are running a little short when the crowd swells to around 20.  If anyone has a few of those strong folding chairs that they would like to donate, feel free to bring them to one of the upcoming meetings.

As I mentioned earlier, dues are still $20 and are due at this time.  Please send or bring your dues to the next meeting so that Jack can mark you down as paid.  This money is used to keep the club floating through the monthly newsletter, web site, meeting site, and special outings throughout the year. None of the staff is paid; so, you can be sure that you get your money's worth out of this club.

Ray Sutton reports that he has his boiling T under control. He will keep us posted as the outside temperature gets warmer.  At 38 degrees its just fine.

The next big event is Chickasha on March 16, 17, and 18.  This is the largest Model T sale (flea market) in North America, although small in comparison to Hershey.  It is just packed with early old car stuff.  Dave Nolting will be going again this year and has a nice hotel not too far from the site.
Winter Driving in a Model T Gives Cause for Thought
Not much is going on in Northwest Ohio at this time of year.  We still get the cars out for a ride on warmer days, though, most of the time the T's sit in the garage and wait for better weather.  I did have the 26 out a lot in the month of December.  We used our trailer to bail out the Ritz Players, as they struggled to keep their props, costumes, and set pieces from ending up in a dumpster.  This put Old Henry in the garage where the 26 is usually parked.   It gave me an opportunity to use the 26 as it was intended.  The experience of driving a car without heat is humbling.  When you
think of how the people before us suffered for any little luxury.  To have and enclosed car took a little extra cash.  Families went without something to be in out of the elements.  I found it to be quite comforting to drive down the road in this little piece of American History the way it was intended.

Please don't anyone worry about the condition of the car.  It is now safe inside of its garage stall minus the three inches of snow.  The roof didn't leak and the metal and paint job all look fine.  ITS JUST A CAR!!
Bob Torbet - Club Secretary
Bob and Jack took some time recently to work on some upholstery.  I'm sure that Bob is just trying to put in a little time because of his upcoming cruise.  There is only a small amount of time in a lifetime to put in on the Model T.  We must make the best of it.  In these pictures Bob is making sure that the fabric is nice and tight.  A tight fit not only ensures that there are not any unwanted wrinkles.  it also ensures that all of the upholstery pieces stay in place and do not float under the top material.  Floating "stuff" leads to
bulges in the finished job and lumps in the seat. Bob prides himself in a nice firm seat.

On a side note, Bob has agreed to serve as secretary for the coming year.  I'd like to thank Bob for taking over this job. Anyone who hasn't filled this position in the past should try it at least once to get an idea of what a hassle it is to keep track of everything that goes on during a Model T meeting. It really makes the meeting less enjoyable. Bob and Bill Mack will miss the February meeting to go sailing.
Jack Putnam - Club Treasurer
I'm just guessing that Jack is installing the final touches to a top in this picture.  Please use your vast experience to prove me wrong.  I can point out one thing from the pictures and that is that the tack rail begins to look like Swiss cheese after a couple of upholstery jobs.  I've seen Kwik Poly used to fill the holes; but, the result is a surface that is very hard to tack into.  The best solution is a new tack rail.  This is time consuming and sometimes nerve wracking job.  The purchaced tack rail never fits exactly. Slowly bending it into place and a
little soaking in a stock tank can sometimes help the situation.  You just do not want to hear that sickening snap sound of a project gone sour.

This particular project looks like there are still a few spots to hit with the tacks.

Jack serves as Treasurer of our club and also provides the place for us to hold club meetings.  We are forever grateful for his patience as we scrounge around his shop on a monthly basis.