July 2005
Bob Hollister, Pres.; Bob Torbet, V-Pres.; Jack Putnam, Treas; Jim Cook, Sec/Ed
NEXT MEETING: July 6th 2005 7:30 at Jack Putnam's shop 1215 Hancock Rd 28; Bluffton, (4th house east of Anderson Tractor Supply), Phone (419) 358-6313
The June meeting was attended by 16 members and friends. Bob Hollister led the short business meeting. Jack reported that this years paid membership was 28 to this point. This is the highest membership total in the club's history. The previous meeting minutes were approved.

The Hancock county Museum event is still in the works. The old car event will revolve around the 1913 Adams Truck.  They'd like at least 20 pre-WWII automobiles as a static display. The club has made the commitment to organize the event, with many members tentatively vowing their support.  This meeting did not bring any further details on this event. We'll try to get more information for the July meeting.

Ted Schumaker of the Pandora Chamber of Commerce was in attendance to ask for the support of the club for a Model T event as part of their August 13th weekend heritage day. He is willing to offer possible free food and gas in return for a car show and possible rides around the block. Some of the members think that it'd be a great idea. Others are leery of the car ride part. We were originally led to believe that it would be a Pre-WWII car show. The car rides put a different spin on the event. There's no doubt that it would help to promote a feeling of heritage and history at the same time. Ted would like some type of decision, so that they can get some advertising out about the event.

Jack once again mentioned a little local car show for the Mennonite Memorial Home in Bluffton. The idea was to have the cars at the Home from 10:00 to Noon on June 25th and a cookout afterwards at Jack's. The club voted to provide meat and beverages; while, everyone else was to bring a hot or cold passing dish.

An artical was read from the VanWert newspaper dated September 1915. It gave a rundown of the local car population of the time. Some of the more notable numbers and makes were 429 Ford, 177 Overland, 90 Maxwell, 57 Studebaker, 56 REO, 40 Buick, 17 Hupmobile, 16 Brisco, 16 Grant, 14 EMF, 12 Brush, and 8 Patterson. The Model T was the overall high seller in the area.  This supports the claim that half of the cars on the road were Model T's.
Memories at the Mennonite Home
We had a great time at the Mennonite Home on June 25th this year. As many of you may remember, this event was scheduled and cancelled last year because of a torrential rainstorm. This year was sunny and boardering on HOT! The only rain was a few drops on the trip home. We didn't even bother to put up the top.

After a little discussion with the staff we were allowed to setup in a shaded part of the parking lot.
Those cars and owners in attendance from left to right were Jack & Marilyn Putnam with their 1927 Pickup, Jim & Sue Cook with their 1916 Touring/pickup, Bob Torbet with his 26 Touring, Bruce and Suzanne Stauffer with their 1923 Touring, and Rodney and Marge Lafollette with their Model A. The Stauffer's just happened to be coming to Bluffton this weekend for some tractor parts; so, they brought their touring along.
The little lady above was thrilled with the cars and just couldn't quit telling stories about the Model T that her parents had when she was a kid

Jim cooked something special with his manifold cooker during the trip from Sycamore to Bluffton. Jim opened up the cooker and let everyone smell the potatoes and polish sausage that was still warming on the manifold.
How to Hold Those Bands on While Replacing the Hogshead
Jack sent this pictoral of how to replace the hogshead and keep the bands in postion at the same time. Anyone who has tried it will tell you that the metal holder will not work as advertised. It ends up getting in the way.
The bands can be laced with carpenter's nylon string or in this case bailing twine. Both can be pulled from the transmission with relative ease. Other types of twine can also be used. Do not use wire. Pieces of wire, if lost, could short out the magneto
Once the cover is nearly in place, four bolts and nuts are used to hold the cover temporarily in place. The cover may be fully seated; but, the bands are behind their respective springs and washers. This will keep the cover from rising up as you remove the twine/lacing.
Tiffin Tour set for July 23rd
Everyone is invited to Tiffin, Ohio on Saturday July 23rd for a whirlwind tour of Tiffin's finest early automobile collections. I realize that getting to Tiffin from the I-75 corridor takes some time; but, I'd really like as many Model T's as possible. Don't let that stop anyone from attending by any means. I've got an extra that someone can drive if they get here and so desire. If you would like to come up the night before, the Hampton Inn in Tiffin will be right on the route into town and we can pick you up there. Call Jim at (419) 927-4150 for info.
I'd like everyone to be at the Sycamore United Methodist Church ready to leave for Tiffin at 10:00 AM. There will be plenty of parking space available for trailers. The church is located on the combined routes 67 and 231 headed for Tiffin. You can't miss it. I'll trust everyone's map skills to get them to Sycamore.

From Sycamore we will head to Don Ballreich's collection of driving history. The early Rambler has just returned from a tour in New Hampshire and the Columbia is headed out next week.
After Don's, we will dine at the Pioneer Mill along the Sandusky River.

The next stop will be Dick Runion's radiator shop (Skills Unlimited) where the ladies will be treated to a fabulous doll collection. The tour will end up at Wayne Coffman's "everything" collection, where we will be treated to music inside the vault.

The drive home will take us past Frank Bogner's home. If we stop by Frank's, there may be a little wine tasting along with his prize winning cars.