August 2005
Bob Hollister, Pres.; Bob Torbet, V-Pres.; Jack Putnam, Treas; Jim Cook, Sec/Ed
NEXT MEETING: August 3rd 2005 7:30 at Jack Putnam's shop 1215 Hancock Rd 28; Bluffton, (4th house east of Anderson Tractor Supply), Phone (419) 358-6313
The July meeting was attended by 12 members and friends. Bob Hollister led the short business meeting. Jack reported on this years paid membership and the checkbook balance. It was voted on and approved to pay for the meat and beverages from the June picnic.

We continue to wait for instruction on the Hancock county Museum event involving  the 1913 Adams Truck.  They'd like at least 20 pre-WWII automobiles as a static display. The club has made the commitment to organize the event, with many members tentatively vowing their support.

We also received word that Ted Schumaker of the Pandora Chamber of Commerce will agree to a static car display for the August 13th weekend heritage day. He had hoped to offer possible free food and gas in return for a car show and possible rides around the block. We're not sure what the deal is now that we'll just be showing the cars. This is a chance for the club to fulfill its mission in bringing the Model T to the public. Let's get behind the club and bring the cars to this show. If you need some help getting your car to the show, let the club know and we'll help out any way that we can. Believe me, you don't need a show car to put on a show. The most interesting cars are the barn finds.

Other upcoming events include the Ohio Model T Jamboree in southwest Ohio this year on Labor Day weekend. The tour this year will include touring on both Friday and Monday.
The Greenfield Village Old Car Festival is the following weekend in Dearborn, Michigan.
We would like to do an Island Tour again this year. Bob Torbet is looking into the possibility.
Jim Cook invited everyone to the Tiffin area for a one day local tour (a detailed account follows).

I am sad to announce the passing of a good friend, Bill Coulman. Many of you may remember Bill as one of the fellows that has visited from the Columbus area. He was tragically killed in a small plane crash in South Carolina on July 24th.
Bill Coulman tribute link
First Stop of the Tiffin Tour - Frank Bogner
A group of cars assembled at the Sycamore UM Church set for departure at 10:00 am. Those that started the trip from Sycamore were Brent, Nancy, & Chris Mize from Reynoldsburg, John & Carol Harper from Jackstown, Bob & Ann Torbet from Lima, Jack & Marilyn Putnam from Bluffton, Berlyn Geary from Sycamore, Allen Henning from Toledo, Monroe & Roseann Harbage from Plain City, Dave & Janet Benny from Lima, and Jim & Sue Cook from Sycamore.

Our first stop was Frank Bogner's home South of Tiffin. He was going to be the last stop of the day; but, he was going to be bailing later that day. Frank is a real restoration guy. He likes to take pieces of rust and turn them back into useful vehicles. Above right is his barn fresh Anderson high wheeler. This car has been run in Greenfield Village (its generally a real smoker).

The Two pictures below show Frank's latest show car, a 1910 Maxwell. This car was just completed the week before we were here. The tires have not yet seen the road. It has already been awarded the Junior Champion Award and will go for Senior very soon. Once the trophies are out of the way, this will become a driver on the 2 cylinder circuit. There's another Senior Award winning Maxwell just inside the door. Frank's in the suspenders.
Second Stop on the Tiffin Tour - Don Ballriech
We spent a short but enjoyable time in Don's garage in Northeast Tiffin. Don was on tour with his Columbia; so, we just had to be satisfied with his Rambler, Hupmobile, Overland, Maxwell, Corvette, and 1952 Ford. The real treat was that Don had left photo albums of the restorations of all of the cars.
Some were impressed by the overall clean shop, others by the shiny cars, still others by the machine shop, and most everyone by the wonderfully kept grounds. But, everyone was impressed by something. We were joined by Joe Bell and Whitey Best and his wife at this stop.
Third Stop on the Tiffin Tour - Richard Runion
The next stop was the Pioneer Mill for Lunch. We, of course, became an instant car show for the locals. Most of all, we all came away from the experience with full tummies.
After lunch, we crossed the Sandusky River to arrive at Richard Runion's Radiator Shop. Here, Dick showed the guys how antique radiators are made, while his wife Clara showed the ladies her extensive doll collection. The major radiator topic was the production of finned tubes for the Model F and G Buick. Also on hand were a wide range of radiators in various stages of development.
I counted the tubes today on the Renault radiator that I just finished rodding. There are 1579 tubes. This is the radiator from the car in the movie "Titanic" (the love scene).
The Packard is left rough (800 grit) instead of polished because it is going to be painted and the surface will not hold paint if it is polished.
Tiffin Tour set for July 23rd
We next ventured across town to the home fo Wayne Coffman - collector of the unique. Wayne  doesn't own a Model T because he prefers to look for things that are a little more rare. As a result he relies on a lot of friends helping him out. While we were at Wayne's, he thanked Jack Putnam for a radiator cap that Jack had helped him with. At first Jack didn't even remember making it. Once he saw the dog bone design, a little smile came to his face.
Waynes current project is a huge Locomobile pictured to the right. He also has a 1899 Locomobile that would probably fit in the back seat of this car. With Model T's, we look for a car and then fill in the pieces. Wayne starts with a hubcap and builds a car around it. Space does not allow me to show all of the pictures that were taken on this trip; but, I'm sure that a few of the guys would be happy to let you see
some of the shots that they took along the way. Our fifth stop was an old fashioned root beer stand complete with car hops (I hope that someone got a shot of this). And finally we stopped by Berlyn Geary's house to see his Model A's and Studebaker.
The picture to the left is Ann Torbet standing next to an Austin. We could use a few cars like this today with the price of gasoline.
Below we see Brent and Chris Mize checking out the more modern cars in Wayne's collection. The Franklin in the foreground was Wayne's Father's Franklin. It has been all over the country previous to restoration and has covered a lot of the country since restoration. Chris is looking at the Hupmobile. You could live in the trunk of this thing.