October 2004
Bob Torbet, Pres.; Bob Hollister, V-Pres.; Jack Putnam, Treas; Jim Cook, Sec/Ed
NEXT MEETING: October 6th 2004 7:30 at Jack Putnam's shop 1215 Hancock Rd 28; Bluffton, (4th house east of Anderson Tractor Supply), Phone (419) 358-6313
The September meeting was held in Bob Torbet's garage in Lima. There were 7 members present and 1 visitor.  Bob introduced Roland Briggs of Lima to the group. He was full of stories about the Model T.

Roland's best story was about a Model T that his father owned back in the Plains while he was growing up.  It seems that his mother had died when he was just a young kid and his dad's mother had moved in with them to take care of the kids.  Well one day Roland's dad announced that they were going to make a trip to an uncles home.  The story was a lot longer; but, the details amount to this:
it was just before Christmas
the Model T was a touring without a top
the uncle lived 200 miles away
they did it all in one day
Roland and his brother sat on either side of grandma in the back seat underneath a big quilt.

Jim made everyone aware of the upcoming Model T Jamboree and the Old Car Festival at Greenfield Village.  Bob told everyone about the picnic at Jack's. It seems that everyone had a good time.
Upcoming events:

October 6 - 9th Hershey annual swap meet

Old Car Festival at Greenfield Village (Sep 11th and 12th)
Many thanks to Roland Palmatier for allowing me to present these fine photos from this year's Old Car Festival. They depict everything that is unique about this event. As car enthusiasts, we are accustomed to the car tour and the car show.  In one case we drive through the countryside to enjoy the feel of driving a vintage automobile.  In the other case, we park our car and sit behind it in a lawn chair. We may take a walk around the other cars; but, other than the
food from our cooler, that is the extent of it.

The Old Car Festival is a car show, tour, parade, game, and museum all rapped into one. 

Above you can see the train ride, autos lined up for a game of some type, and a couple of the high wheel bicycles all at once on the game field.

To the left is a picture of Dave on the Quadracycle. Dave is in charge of all of the
Vintage vehicles at the museum. 

To the right is my favorite part of the event.  That is driving the cars around the streets of Greenfield Village.  The intersections have traffic cops and everyone along the street is smiling and having a good time.

Please plan on attending next year's event. It is always the weekend after Labor Day.
16th All Ohio Model T Jamboree
From this picture, you would never guess that this year's All Ohio Model T Jamboree was one of the biggest to date.  Almost 100 cars attended the 3 day tour of the Hocking Hills region of Southeast Ohio. 

There was ice cream, hills, old friends, trains, caves, coal mining, brick yards, quaint towns, worn bands, fixin' T's, and a lot of food at the closing banquet.
A Change of Scenery
Bob Torbet's garage was the location of September's monthly meeting of the group. It was a chance to see Bob's projects and enjoy his hospitality. Bob has been experimenting with a few things and used this opportunity to show them to the group.

The first find was a type of paint or sealer that was as hard as a rock.  This stuff couldn't be nicked when hit with a hammer.  The second find was some great ice cream.  Everyone was stuffed by the time they left for the night.
Touring the Old West
Last weekend We had the opportunity to visit a Buffalo ranch in Southern Ohio. It was great fun to run amonst the buffalo. We also took some time out to ride a few horses and hitch up a team to pull the stage coach. 

Some of the group just enjoyed sitting on the front porch and taking in the atmosphere. There were horse pastures on all sides of us.  Every meal was over and above any expectations.  We've never been treated so well by one family.  It just goes to show that there are
still some jewels around.  You just need to go to some far off places to find them.  From my home is Sycamore, the trip was three hours and ten minutes. In most directions, I can get out of the state in that amount of time.

Fred and Linda Fisher just found the right hosts and the rest flowed wonderfully.  How about everyone give a thought for a tour next year and just see what happens.  Don't let a few small tours let us down.  Its a big world out there.                              Tour America,
                                               JC :o)